Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor


BP2 is a smart wireless Blood Pressure Monitor with ECG featuring a one-piece design, which can provide accurate and instant blood pressure measurements & ECG records anytime

Designed For Better Experience

Viatom insists on putting user experience first. In order to meet the needs of different arm circumference pressure measurements, Viatom wireless blood pressure monitor’s cuff is designed with a flexible soft fabric lining around the cylinder, perfect for covering the measurement needs of people with an arm circumference of 22-42cm.

Viatom automatic blood pressure monitor

Imporve Cardiovascular Health through ECG

Viatom wireless blood pressure monitor has integrates the ecg module. Users can measure ECG simply by holding the sides of BP2 in their hands. The collected cardiac ECG waveform data of BP2 is automatically uploaded to the AI-ECG——artificial intelligence ECG analysis platform which has obtained NMPA, FDA, CE.

Viatom automatic blood pressure monitor integrates the ecg module

Multi-user Management

The real-time data will be sent to the Vihealth App via Bluetooth after measurements, and BP2 can store 50 sets of blood pressure and 10 sets of electrocardiograms.

Viatom wireless  blood pressure monitor’s multi-user management feature makes it easy to filter and track historical data and trends across different users. 

Users can view real-time statistics and historical trend graphs in the APP, including blood pressure and EKG data. Every ECG reading stored on the mobile app can be saved as a PDF file and conveniently sent to a doctor for further analysis.

Multi-user blood pressure monitor

Applicable to Telemedicine Systems​

With the improvement of living standards, the incidence of hypertension is increasing year by year, and the concept of telemedicine has been gradually applied to clinical use from the initial gimmicks and slogans. Portable and accurate automatic blood pressure monitors have broad market prospects.

Telemedicine Systems​


Device Dimensions


Device Weight

240g(main unit)

Cuff Size

22 – 42cm

Blood Pressure Records


ECG Records


ECG Duration


Pressure Measure ment Accuracy


Heart Rate Range

30 – 250 Pulse/min

Pressure Measure ment Range

0 – 300mmHg

Heart Rate Accuracy

±2 pulse /min or ±2%, 

Pulse Rate Range

40 to 200 /min

Internal Memory

Up to 10 EKG Recordings