Wrist Oxygen Monitor

Checkme™ O2 Max

Checkme™ O2 Max is an upgrade version of CheckmeO2™ , which can track oxygen levels and heart rates overnight. Checkme O2™ Max is more suitable for professionals with clinical testing and disease monitoring needs.

Battery Upgrade for Longer Monitoring

The battery of Checkme™ O2 Max is extended from 16 hours to 72 hours after a single charge, which can not only effectively reduce the number of charging times, but also extend the availability of sleep data. For physicians, Checkme™O2 Max is the ideal choice to meet the requirements of 7 full nights monitoring.

7*24h spo2 monitoring

Recording Frequency Upgrade for More Comprehensive Data

The recording frequency has been upgraded from every 4 seconds to every 2 seconds.Checkme™ O2 Max is equipped with clinically proven medical-grade high resolution sensors which help better understand what’s disrupting sleep. As proved, Spo2 is reliable in reflecting whether patients have sleep apnea and the risk & severity, which the number of SpO2 drops per hour and the sleep cycle time in the report simplifies the difficulties of OSA recognition.


Vibration Upgraded for Sleep Abnormality Reminder

Checkme™ O2 Max’s trigger vibration is upgraded from a single SpO2 to two indicators of SpO2 and heart rate. Specifically designed for sleep apnea, Checkme™ O2 Max will emit a gentle vibrating alert when indicators are below the preset value. After the soft palate and hard palate in the mouth return to the normal position, the wrist oximeter will continue to monitor and stop vibrant when the PR and SpO2 back into the proper range. Checkme™ O2 Max has become the major device of many remote patient monitoring projects such as at home sleep tests, and even tracking CPAP therapy.

sleep oxygen monitoring

High Industrial R&D Investment

Wearable medical devices is being the important tool for connecting data inside and outside the hospital. Checkme™ O2 Max is developed and designed according to hospital standards and is committed to reducing differences. Viatom’s products have the cost advantage of home health products, which are high-performance medical devices that break through the data barriers in and out of hospitals.

Development of oximeter

Explore the Healthy Market with Viatom​

Viatom is willing to work with more hospitals and clinic partners to discuss how to connect disease monitoring and treatment inside and outside the hospital. Through the development of home medical equipment that keeps up with the times, everyone in the world can easily use electronic medical monitoring equipment.

Explore the Healthy Market with Viatom


Device Dimensions

50mm x 39mm x 14mm

Device Weight


Blood Oxygen Level Range


Blood Oxygen Accuracy

80-99%: ±2%, 70-79%: ±3%

Pulse Rate Range

30 to 250 bpm

Pulse Rate Accuracy

±2 bpm or ±2%

Recorded Parameters

Blood Oxygen Level, Pulse Rate, Motion

Built-in Memory

4 Sessions, up to 10 Hours Each Section

Display Interval In APP Data Chart



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