12 Lead ECG Holter Monitor


Th12 is the 12 lead ECG holter monitor tailored for telemedicine, which can realize AI-assisted diagnosis, relieve the time and space limitations of traditional ECG analysis, and help maximize the efficiency and quality of ECG remote diagnosis.

Continuous Ambulatory ECG Monitoring

Viatom palm-sized 12 lead ECG Holter monitor — Th12 weighs only 62 grams, which is easy to hang on the hospital bed or carried around outside the hospital, allowing users to take measurements anytime and anywhere, making ECG monitoring easier and faster.

ecg monitor in hospital

Professionally Track Heart Health

When the patient has heartache, falls or other situations,they can mark special events by pressing the button on the TH12 to make the monitoring data more complete and reliable. Th12 12 lead ECG holter monitor can also be used with a pacemaker which helps in the timely detection of serious heart rate abnormalities.

12 Lead ECG Placement Guide

24-Hour Holter Monitoring

Th12 not only capture the ECG changes of activity at different times but also capture instantaneous changes in time of paroxysmal, transient arrhythmias or significant myocardial ischemia, providing a basis for clinical diagnosis and treatment. Physicians can use Th12 as a great helper to monitor hard-to-find arrhythmias, and also receive preliminary diagnosis by AI-ECG.

24-Hour Holter Monitoring

ECG Comprehensive Analytic Resolution

The core advantage of Viatom is our clinically recognized smart wearable hardware which has AI ECG analysis software and data platform that meet the requirements of clinical diagnosis and treatment, which can quickly form a commercial medical solution that can be implemented. Viatom hopes to increase the cure rate of cardiovascular disease and reduce the cost of treatment by popularizing the awareness of early screening, improving the quality of life and happiness index of patients with cardiovascular disease, and promoting the update and iteration of cardiac diagnostic technology.

out-of-hospital 12-lead ECG diagnostic

Building ECG Future with Artificial Intelligence​

Viatom portable wearable 12-lead dynamic ECG monitor breaks the limitation of application scenarios and takes into account users’ daily life and work needs while ensuring accurate data monitoring. The on-board AI-ECG greatly improves the detection rate of myocardial ischemia and other diseases, reduces misdiagnosis and missed diagnosis, and can be used as the most comprehensive screening method for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.


Device Dimensions


Device Weight

62g (main unit with battery)


24 hours, Equipped with SD Card

Time Constant


Frequency Response


Sampling Accuracy

24 bits

Sampling Frequency


System Noise

≤ 50μ V(p/v)

Common Mode Rejection


Input Impedance


Input Dynamic Range

≤ ±5mV

Internal Memory

Up to 10 EKG Recordings