Remote Monitoring is Changing CPAP Adherence

The remote monitoring is a useful tool to support, fine-tune, adapt, and control both CPAP efficacy and compliance in newly-diagnosed OSA patients.

Reliable Remote Monitoring Becomes a New Trend in Respiratory Disease Management

CPAP therapy is a new beginning of long-term communication, companionship and dynamic therapy. Remote treatment and remote follow-up of patients receiving CPAP therapy can help reduce the medical burden associated with increasing chronic diseases in an aging society.

Remote Titration of Home Mechanical Ventilation

Accurate pressure titration is the key to ensuring CPAP therapy, not only needs sufficient ventilation support but also good comfort.

Through Viatom Remote CPAP Therapy Solution, the remote interconnection between the smart ventilator and the diagnosis & treatment center can be realized, and the long-term gas exchange data can be accurately recorded and collected. After comparing the ventilator’s parameters, such as pressure, air leakage, residual breathing events, etc., the pressure titration can be completed cost-effectively.

Home Mechanical Ventilation

Increased Adherence Changes
OSA Management

The AASM guidelines recommend remote monitoring and follow-up at the initial stage of CPAP treatment for OSAHS patients, which is conducive to improving compliance with CPAP treatment. 

Through remote monitoring, physicians and users can not only objectively track and record the use time and pressure level of the patient’s CPAP therapy, but also accurately monitor residual apnea hypopnea index (AHI) after treatment and air leakage treatment parameters, etc..

Exploring Interventions for
Adherence to CPAP

Viatom Remote CPAP Therapy Solution includes secure cloud data center, intelligent CPAP machine and service software, which can quickly build a real-time interactive communication platform among users, physicians and service organizations, provide customized data analysis services and build reproducible remote Sleep Apnea (OSA) treatment options economically.

Viatom remote cpap therapy solution

Advanced Data Integration made
Remote CPAP Therapy Easier

The demand for remote integration of monitoring data and the trend of home & hospital interconnection are gradually promoting the development of ventilators in the direction of intelligence and wireless. 

LeRes-A can comprehensively identify respiratory events such as apnea hypopnea (AH) and automatically adjust the pressure. The built-in Bluetooth and wifi modules can wirelessly transmit multi-dimensional respiratory data to the respiratory data monitoring platform in real-time, which is convenient for doctors to make professional analysis and guidance remotely.

remote integration of monitoring data

Leveraging Comprehensive Data for Actionable Insights

Pluse Oximeter O2ring and ECG Monitor ER1 will accompany users through the whole process of sleep apnea diagnosis and treatment. The continuity, consistency of Viatom wearable medical devices is critical to analyzing the user’s actual physiological state and translating the results into practical actions to improve breathing.

We provide more personalized and precise healthcare services through the complete sleep and respiratory health link.

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