Single-Lead ECG Monitor


Viatom ER1 Single-Lead ECG Monitor can monitor ECG 24-hour, which helps to capture cardiac abnormalities that are difficult to detect during regular examinations, and protects the heart more reliably and efficiently.

Track Heart Health

ER1 supports two wearing modes, chest patch or electrodes. Our heart rate belt is made of a patented special flexible material which is non-allergenic and can fit the user’s body seamlessly, making it more comfortable to wear and suitable for daily monitoring. By fixed under the chest through the heart rate belt, users can monitor anytime and anywhere to protect their health.

Viatom home heart monitor

Intelligent Arrhythmia Detection

ER1 single-lead ecg monitor support store 10 ECG/EKG recordings for a total of 30 hours. Each ECG/EKG recording can last up to 24 hours. Users can keep abreast of their physical conditions according to the real-time ECG and heart rate data .

real time ecg monitoring

The Future of Remote ECG Monitoring

The application of wireless wearable technology in cardiac Holter monitoring enhances its growth potential in the field of arrhythmia diagnosis. Viatom ER1 single-lead ECG monitor is a perfect combination of dynamic ECG monitoring and wearable medical equipment. The reliable remote continuous monitoring function can meet the needs of long-term uninterrupted heart management. ER1 can accurately monitor and diagnose abnormal ECG waveforms without interrupting the daily activities of patients. It is positive feedback to the market demand for high accuracy and high efficiency.

home ecg monitoring

Constructing Hospital ECG Network with AI-ECG

AI-ECG carried by Viatom home heart monitor not only promotes accurate AI diagnosis and provides clinical decision support, but also further explores and excavates better diagnostic methods. Viatom hopes to help more hospitals build ECG networks, improve the efficiency of ECG network diagnosis, serve more patients and build a life safety barrier for them.


Faster Interpretation from AI-ECG

The ECG waveform recorded by ER1 will be transferred to the platform. Physicians can download ECG waveform and detail reports in the app or PC software including overview, supraventricular rhythm, ventricular rhythm, HRV, ECG report conclusion, hourly statistics table of ECG data, and ECG fragment.


Device Dimensions

50mm x 39mm x 14mm

Device Weight


Expected Service Life

5 year

Battery Run Time

72 hours (fully charged)

Type of Battery

Rechargeable Lithium Polymer Battery

Lead Type

Single-Lead ECG

Frequency Response

0.67 ~ 40 Hz

Gain Error

Maximum Error ±10%


Lead II