Double Head Ultrasound


Uprobe-C is designed to meet the needs of hospital clinical departments (first aid, anesthesia, pre-bed diagnosis), primary medical market, out-of-hospital disaster first aid and other scenarios, which is the first choice of Point-of-Care Ultrasound (POCUS).

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The size of Uprobe-C double-head pocket ultrasound is 156mm*60mm*270mm, which has the same compact design and size as the mobile phone and the weight is only 250g. Three-in-one probe, one end is a linear array, the other end is a convex array with phased array scanning mode. Uprobe-C abandons the shackles of wire, the operating space is not limited, and the waterproof of the whole body can meet the requirements of sterility.

Small Probe With Powerful Capablity

Uprobe-C incorporates excellent ultrasound imaging technology and intelligent algorithms, equipped with dual probes to assist exploration, which can bring users high-quality images that meet the needs of clinical diagnosis.Uprobe-C Double head ultrasound adopts 32 high-channel hardware configurations to provide technical support for obtaining high-fidelity data. At the same time, the powerful image processing operation of 128 array elements can obtain data at the front end for real-time lossless processing.

Portable Ultrasound Probe Switch

Efficient & Intelligent Function to Improve Medical Images

Uprobe-C Double head ultrasound can switch multiple frequency bands in a wide range of 3.5-10MHz and can support a maximum scan depth of 305mm. Uprobe-C can enhance the processing of raw image data by flexible noise reduction and gain value to reduce noise interference. Advanced imaging settings with multiple imaging modes (B, M, Color Doppler, PDI, PWD). With the support of highly integrated software modules and high-performance technology, both in-plane and out-plane puncture can assist in puncture needle positioning, making puncture more accurate, easy and simple.

Medical Image Real Time Transmission

Uprobe-C has built-in Wi-Fi chip to realize wireless connection, which is not affected by the external environment and has zero delay and zero lag to ensure more stable image. Using wireless communication technology, full-field ultrasonic imaging can reach 18 frames per second, which can meet different requirements for image quality and fluency in different scenarios.

MSK ultrasound

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As a new generation of diagnostic devices, medical personnel can obtain instant and clear results at any time directly from compatible smartphones or devices, which greatly improves the efficiency of diagnosis and treatment. Portable ultrasound images can be easily collaborated, managed and monitored by sharing with patients, letting patients enjoy safer, high-quality and efficient medical services.


Device Dimensions (main unit)

156 x 60x 270mm

Device Weight

260g (0.6 lbs)

Scanning Mode

Electronic array

Convex Head

3.5/5Mhz (Depth: 90~305mm)

Linear Head

7.5/10Mhz (Depth: 20~100mm)

Display Mode

B, B/M, color doppler: B+Color, B+PDI, B+PW

Clinical Applications(Convex)


Clinical Applications(Linear)

Small Organs

Probe Element


Frame Rate

18 frames/second

Image Adjust

BGain, TGC, DYN, Focus, Depth, Harmonic, Denoise


Length, Area, Angle, Heart Rate, Obstetrics