Portable ECG Monitor


Viatom portable ECG monitor——DouEK S provides real-time ECG waveform and heart rhythm ECG on OLED screen to read waveform without internet and mobile phone.

Cardiac Arrhythmias​ Diagnostic Solution

If the user feels abnormal heart rhythm or palpitations, just put fingers on both ends of the DouEK S portable ecg monitor electrodes, no wire patch or gel, the medical-grade ECG will be complete.The duration from 30 seconds to 5 minutes enable quick check.

Users can read real-time ECG/EKG waveforms and AI diagnostic results on the OLED display, even when the phone is not nearby. At the same time, the data will be automatically stored in the machine and automatically synchronized with the APP after connected.

Record ECG Anytime, Anywhere

The charging method of Viatom DouEK S portable ecg monitor is the magnetic base, which can be easily charged and taken out once the device is placed in the correct position.

A full charge supports up to 500 measurements, enabling 24/7 readings and continuous tracking day and night for a complete picture of heart’s health.

Cardiac Monitoring Simplified

With the rapid development of the market and the increasing demand for high-end products, the audience of intelligent monitoring equipment and telemedicine continues to expand, and ECG monitoring products tend to be remote and portable. Viatom DouEK S portable ecg monitor is convenient, fast and operable, which is suitable for home ecg self-test and in-depth survey of arrhythmia in a large population.

Explore ECG Market with Us

Viatom based ourself on the ecg monitoring market with our streamlined technology and excellent quality, and develop towards new recording methods, digital intelligence, network sharing and other directions.Viatom is solving the ecg diagnosis problems of doctors and patients with innovative ecg solutions.

Portable ekg machine monitoring

AI-ECG Made ECG Interpretation More Easier​

AI-ECG can assist users in a preliminary screening of heart health, such as arrhythmia, cardiac arrest, atrial fibrillation, tachycardia and bradycardia, premature atrial aging, etc.

The detailed ECG report and AI diagnosis results will be displayed in the Vihealth app, and users can obtain heart rate analysis and whether there is cardic diseases feature in time…


Device Dimensions

92×32×8.2 mm (main unit)

Device Weight

26.8g (main unit)

Charge Time

2 -3 hours

Battery Type

Rechargeable Lithium-Polymer Battery

Lead Type

Integrated ECG Electrodes

Lead Set

Lead I, Lead II, Chest Lead

ECG Length


Fully Charged

500 Typical Use

Heart Rate Range

30 – 250/min

Heart Rate Accuracy

±2 /min or ±2%

Internal Memory

Up to 10 EKG Recordings

Internal Memory

Up to 10 EKG Recordings