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What is AI-ECG

AI-ECG is an automatic electrocardiogram analysis and diagnosis software platform based on artificial intelligence technology, which supports multi-center data collection, remote diagnosis and hierarchical diagnosis and treatment. AI-ECG can assist the hospital’s ECG network informatization construction, realize the sharing of ECG data and reports throughout the hospital, connect medical institutions, and provide overall ECG solutions for chest pain centers, medical alliances, and telemedicine construction.



AI-ECG is the world’s first ECG analysis and diagnosis software certified by CE, FDA and NMPA.

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ECG Artificial Intelligence Technology Application Agency
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2021 HI Real-Time ECG Server
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Real-time ECG Accumulation Server
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Holter Accumulation Server



Real-time report, greatly reducing the time of image reading and analysis, and improving efficiency


More Acurrate

The diagnostic accuracy rate has reached the average level of world-renowned heart experts

More Comprehensive

Diagnosis of more than 100 abnormal ECG events

Wider Area

Support hospitals, clinics, community health centers, families and other multi-level institutions


Big Data

Continuously enrich the number and types of ECG data to serve major clinical research platforms

AI-ECG Leads the Intelligent Era of ECG Diagnosis

AI-ECG diagnosis significantly reduces the time for image reading and analysis, improves clinical work efficiency.

Improve the detection rate of abnormal cardiovascular events

Support 16 kinds of heartbeat classification, 74 kinds of special ECG diagnosis type classification, the overall accuracy rate can be as high as 95.2%

Improve the detection rate of abnormal cardiovascular events
Optimize ECG Pre-management Process

Optimize ECG Pre-management Process

AI-ECG technology can shorten the machine pre-pipe time to about 1s, reduce the time-consuming early warning of ECG machines analysis.

Assist in improving the level of clinical ECG diagnosis

Relying on Internet cloud-based technology, it can continuously provide stable and accurate ECG analysis

Assist in improving the level of clinical ECG diagnosis

AI-ECG is more potential than imagination

Intelligent ecg interpretation
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