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Global ECG Devices Market Analysis

Statistically, cardiovascular disease (CVD) remains the leading cause of premature death and rising healthcare costs. Real-time monitoring of cardiac activity is of great significance for the early prevention of heart disease, but conventional ECG monitoring equipment has the limitations of being bulky, expensive and not easy to carry. As a redefined ECG recording device, smart wearable ECG devices make daily long-term monitoring of ECG activities comfortable and efficient for users.

Mobile ECG Monitoring

Combined with other information such asposition, exercise volume, temperature, blood oxygen, etc.,the ECG wave can form a multi-dimensional cardiac health database together with other data.

mobile ecg monitoring
ecg report analysis

Intelligent ECG Interpretation

AI-ECG algorithm provides users with reliable ECG analysis support and accurate arrhythmia diagnosis and monitoring. It has been approved to monitor low-risk and high-risk patients participating in cardiac rehabilitation training programs, signals. 

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