Fingertip Pulse Oximeter


Viatom fingertip pulse oximeter can accurately determine SpO2 and pulse rate, which will display conveniently on a large led display in 10 seconds.

High Precision Infrared Probe

After placing finger in the oximeter, Viatom FS20F Pulse oximeter fintertips will automatically monitor, and after 8-10 seconds the user can get accurate SpO2 and pulse rate readings from the bright LED display. The design of non-inductive automatic shutdown will help the user to get rid of the traditional key switch method. 

SpO2 Data Management

Viatom fingertip pulse oximeter supports the measurement, tracking and management of Spo2 and PR data for a better understanding of overall health. After connecting to the Vihealth app via bluetooth, the user can zoom in/out the graph to see more specific SpO2 and heart rate bpm values. ViHealth can record an unlimited amount of data, and users can annotate and export each data set for a professional reference.

FS20F Pulse oximeter Data Management

Where can Find Realiability Oximeter?

Viatom has been accelerating product iteration, and launching dedicated oximeters that are more suitable for families, communities and hospitals. Before FS20F Pulse oximeter fingertip was officially put into mass production, Viatom did a large number of clinical trials and home investigations. The silicone material of FS20F is softer and ergonomically designed. Viatom relies on its unique invention patent technology, which pushes the performance of fingertip blood oxygen a big step forward.

Medical pulse oximeter


Device Dimensions

1.30” x 1.42” x 2.28”

Device Weight


Oxygen Level Range


PR Warning Threshold

High/Low: 120bpm/50bpm

Blood Oxygen Accuracy

80-99%: ±2%, 70-79%: ±3%

Pulse Rate Range

25~250 bpm

Pulse Rate Accuracy

±2 bpm or ±2%

Power Supply

2 x AAA Alkaline Battery; 3.0v dc

Probe Led Wavelengths

660(±6)nm/IR: 905(±10)nm

Wireless Connection

Bluetooth 4.0/Free iOS & Android APP

SpO2 Warning Threshold

Low-value Warning: 88%

Battery Run Time

72 Hours (full state)

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