High-Performance Compact Ultrasound

Bringing New Changes to Medical Diagnosis

Scanning Should be Simple

POC ultrasound is helping medical institutions and patients reduce the overall cost of diagnosis and treatment, and shorten the time of examination and treatment. The volume of portable POC ultrasound is almost 10% of the volume of traditional desktop ultrasound, such as Viatom portable ultrasound, which hardly takes up any examination space, making POC ultrasound examination possible in any corner of the world. More and more medical professionals have begun to perform cardiac ultrasound examinations in more scenarios.

Cardiology Quantification Designed

Portable echocardiography has been widely valued in the field of emergency medicine and intensive care. Doctors can observe and measure the size, internal structure, real-time movement of the heart and large blood vessels,valve shape,open/close activity, cardiac blood flow conditions, etc. through ultrasound images without opening the chest.

Portable Pocket Handheld Ultrasound Scanners
pocket ultrasound imaging

Elevate Cardiovascular Workflow

Our system has the breakthrough advantage in imaging performance, not only the resolution is greatly improved, but also the penetrating power is also greatly strengthen. Even in the face of patients with difficult ultrasound imaging, can also easily obtain clear diagnostic images.

Dedicated, High-Performance Ultrasound Solution

Independent Wi-Fi Transmission

Wireless and quick transmit can easily present refined images, bring more detailed, accurate and reliable clinical information to doctors, guide the smooth operation, and further improve the accuracy and work efficiency of doctors in the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

Wifi Ultrasound probes

Taking Out Complexity

Quickly adjust various data of cardiac function. This not only greatly simplifies the complicated and time-consuming work of doctors in the past, but also makes the entire diagnosis process faster and the diagnosis and treatment results more accurate. More importantly, it reduces the error among operators and ensures the consistency of the diagnosis results.

pocket ultrasound system
ultrasound abdominal scan

Echocardiogram VS. EKG

Electrocardiogram is the most direct display of cardiac activity and is closely related to the cardiac cycle. The electrical activity of the heart precedes the mechanical activity of the heart. The combination of ECG and echocardiography can open up the whole process of cardiovascular diagnosis and treatment, and provide better medical and health services for patients.

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