Wi-Fi Blood Pressure Monitor with ECG

BP2 Connect

Viatom Wireless Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor + EKG is designed for cardiovascular health, to help users manage and track blood pressure.

Seamless Sync All Readings via Wi-Fi​

BP2 Connect is Viatom lastest smart Wi-Fi blood pressure monitor, which complete accurate blood pressure measurement even without a mobile phone.The measurement data will be automatically and seamlessly synced to the Vihealth mobile app via Wi-fi, without the fear of data loss, the app will automatically display the latest measurements. Compared to other Bluetooth-only blood pressure monitors, the Viatom BP2 Connect smart Wi-Fi blood pressure monitor is more secure and reliable.

remote patient monitoring

Preventing Heart Disease

Real-time data can be efficiently sent to the Vihealth App on the mobile device. The blood pressure monitor itself can store 50 sets of blood pressure and 10 sets of electrocardiograms.

Users can manage and track the health of their entire family via Wi-Fi or bluetooth, and get instant, clear results on their condition at any time. Physicians know more about users’cardiovascular health by the sharing report of BP2 Connect.

Home blood pressure monitor to preventing heart disease ​

Comprehensive Measurement

Comprehensive pulse and ECG data to determine blood pressure results can help users deepen their understanding of heart health and prevent cardiovascular diseases. With the single-lead ECG module of BP2 Connect, users can obtain the accurate ECG within 30 seconds.

BP2 Connect smart Wi-Fi blood pressure monitor provides automatic 3 times measurements and gets the average value, so as to reduce the bias caused by randomness and give more reliable blood pressure results.

Smart Blood Pressure Monitors

Home Blood Pressure Monitoring Devices Market Analysis

With the increasing requirements of patients and hospitals for the accuracy, reliability and traceability of diagnosis and treatment, the technological development and market demand of home medical equipment are moving closer to the intelligent market, and the home blood pressure monitors are also developing toward the direction of intelligence, wearable, multifunctional and telemedicine.

Home Blood Pressure Monitoring Devices Market Analysis

Portable Monitor are Gaining Popularity

In the face of the market trends, Viatom has developed our own sensor technology advantages in the hardware part and developed an all-in-one ECG and blood pressure machine with wifi function. Meet the needs of families and hospitals in terms of software, and conduct deeper health data management through remote technology. It is convenient for doctors to quickly adjust antihypertensive treatment strategies through blood pressure monitoring records, and better assist patients with chronic diseases and the elderly to monitor blood pressure.

all-in-one ECG and blood pressure machine with wifi function


Device Dimensions

135mm(L) ×45mm(W) ×20mm(H)

Device Weight

240g(main unit)

Cuff Size

22 – 42cm

Blood Pressure Records


ECG Records


ECG Duration


Pressure Measurement Accuracy


Heart Rate Range

30 – 250 Pulse/min

Pressure Measurement Range

0 – 300mmHg

Pulse Rate Range

40 to 200 /min

Internal Memory

Up to 10 EKG Recordings

Heart Rate Accuracy

±2 Pulse/min or ±2%