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We revolutionize heart health with intelligent, highly-personalized heart data delivery anytime and anywhere. Learn more about our innovative approach to heart care.

Postoperative Complications Prevention

Cardiac arrhythmias are extremely common after cardiovascular surgery. In the latest study, MD suggested that postoperative patients should have prolonged ECG monitoring after discharge, especially in certain high-risk patients, to avoid complete atrioventricular block (AVB) or complete heart block.

Compact Portable ECG Monitor

Home ECG Monitoring

Transmit patient’s ECG data through networj in real-time to continuously record ECG changes in various situations. Meanwhile, complete data labeling and classification within seconds and generate professional reports synchronously to provide patients’ ECG data for clinicians in a more timely manner.

Remote Real-Time Early Warning

Experts believe that the advantage of the dynamic ECG recorder is to monitor the patient’s ECG waveform in real time, which is easier to capture abnormal graphics and provide more real and reliable ECG data. This will help complete rapid early warning of complex cardiac lesions.


anti-interference technology

Clinically proven anti-interference technology, clearly records the fluctuation curve and truly presents the heart activity

Wide dynamic response range, effectively capture more meaningful waveforms for adults and infants

Multi-way to access raw data

Multi-way to access raw data to meet the real-time vital sign data requirements of patients in telemedicine

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