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The gradual refinement of medical classification and the continuous influx of “connecting”, “integrated”and “artificial intelligence” concepts have made the R&D and manufacturing costs of the medical industry continue to rise. We will help you overcome these challenges with our health solution.

Connecting with Viatom Health Solutions

Reliably stream data to the cloud, server, caregiver portal or electronic health record system through a one-stop multimodal gateway. Viatom will help you collect health data conveniently, and complete data transmission and secure storage quickly.

Viatom’s SDK will provide everything you need to access data from multiple dispersed wearable devices through integration. With simple connection and integration, bulk data will be imported directly into your system, and end users can pass your APP to view and synchronize health data.

You can deeply bind your RPM or CCM system with the ViHealth app via Viatom Open API, and securely connect data to your system via the cloud for easy access to APP and wearables, making it easier for you to achieve platform goals faster.

Complete medical service solution

Telehealth Management on Vital Signs of Health

With Viatom’s customized solutions, we will help you achieve effective interaction between patients, caregivers, and hospitals through comprehensive health monitoring and health management.

Why Viatom


-Supports access to various medical device such as ECG and pulse oximeter, and has complex data analysis capabilities.

-Data from multiple medical devices can be received within a certain range, allowing for an unlimited number of alternating pairs.

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Safety of Data


-Encryption of data processing, our system is safe and reliable.

-Vihealth cloud tracks and handles special events throughout the process, reducing data maintenance costs.


-Provide fully documented sample code to shorten the development cycle.

-Professional technical team support, quick docking and deployment of innovative services.

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Remote Patient Monitoring Devices