Pediatric Oxygen Monitor


Viatom pediatric oxygen monitor——KidsO2 is specially designed for children’s health. Simply clip onto childs finger and our pediatric pulse oximter will quickly and easily check Oxygen Saturation (SpO2), Perfusion Index and Pulse.

Best Pediatric Oxygen Monitor

The thickness of the fingers will affect the accuracy of blood oxygen measurement, therefore, children should use a professional children’s oximeter to monitor blood oxygen.Viatom has developed a ring oximeter for children. KidsO2 pediatric oxygen monitor has more accurate and reliable results, and the appearance is also in line with children’s favorites.

Best Pediatric Pulse oximeter

Promote Alarm in Real-Time

Kidso2 Pediatric oxygen monitor thoughtfully designed the alarm function, when detects abnormal fluctuations, the Vihealth APP will automatically send an alarm, also provide real-time data of blood oxygen, heart rate and PI (Pulse Signal Index) detected from the child oxygen monitor to remind parents to pay attention to the child’s health and not ignore any potential risks.


Gives Parents Peace of Mind

Designed for the health of children, Viatom pediatric oxygen monitor is the ultimate protection for parents of children with breathing, sleep disorders, dyspnea and other oxygen-related diseases. Kidso2 is useful for parents to monitor and record children’s blood oxygen and heart rate every second during school and sleep to know their kid’s needs anytime and anywhere.

kids oxygent monitor

Viatom Safeguards Children Day & Night​

Viatom has always been holding the health ideal of “caring for life and paying attention to health”, insisting and focusing on providing solid protection for the health of infants and children, and striving to do the best. Viatom insists on high standard production of medical equipment, adjusts equipment monitoring algorithms for children’s vital signs, and occupies the consumer market with continuous innovation technology. Viatom is willing to work with parents to protect their children in their healthy and happy growth.

Viatom Pediatric oxygen monitor


Pulse Rate Range

30 to 250 bpm

Pulse Rate Accuracy

±2 bpm or ±2%

Oxygen Level Range


Blood Oxygen Accuracy

80-99%: ±2%, 70-79%: ±3%

Device Dimensions

50mm x 39mm x 14mm

Device Weight


Built-in Memory

4 Sections, up to 10 Hours Each Section

Remind Source

Low Oxygen Level, High/Low Pulse Rate

Recorded Parameters

Blood Oxygen Level, Pulse Rate, Motion

Oxygen Level Range


Blood Oxygen Accuracy

80-99%: ±2%, 70-79%: ±3%

Pulse Rate Accuracy

±2 bpm or ±2%