Single-Lead Holter ECG Monitor


Wearing the compact and comfortable ER1-LW in daily life can effectively and rapidly identify clinically significant arrhythmias.

Lightweight Design & Easy to wear

ER1-LW single-lead holter ECG monitor weighs 18g and supports two wearing modes, Chest Patch and Disposable ECG Electrodes. Both are made of flexible material to ensure the no-restrain wearing experience. The extended period of monitoring achieved by the lightweight and unobtrusive wearing method allows chronic patients to stay at comfortable homes for increased adherence and incremental diagnostic yield.

ER1-LW single lead holter ecg monitor supports two wearing modes

Up to 72H Monitoring Duration

ER1-LW is designed to meet all the specificity needs of daily heart activity monitoring with the option of 5 minutes to 24 hours /72 hours to help learn what patients need and what to expect under any circumstance. ER1-LW provides a longer monitoring period than normal single-lead ECG to capture heart abnormalities such as atrial fibrillation, atrioventricular block and other symptoms that may not be obvious during short-term testing.

wear portable single-lead ecg at home

Watch the Heartbeat in Real-Time

The extended screen of ER1-LW is designed to display ECG waveforms, heart rate in real time to reflect any detected abnormalities early. The users could check the real-time and history ECG waves through the Vihealth APP via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Viatom single-lead ECG holter supports 10 ECG/EKG records storage, each ECG/EKG record can last up to 24 hours.The recorded data can be wirelessly transmitted to healthcare providers through cloud services, allowing them to monitor patients’ heart activity in real time.

man watch ecg report at office

Manual and Auto Event Trigger

The event marking function of ER1-LW empowers a more timely definitive diagnosis by omitting the preparation of ECG monitoring. Patients can press the function button immediately when they feel uncomfortable which is more helpful to improve the paroxysmal AF detection rate. Combined with the AI-ECG diagnosis, reliable and affordable heart care is showing great potential in improve cardiac management by preventing unnecessary hospitalization to reduce health care costs.

man monitor ecg and spo2 at the same time

Clinically Accurate Cardiac Analysis Powerd by AI-ECG

AI-ECG can identify 104 cardiac problems in 16 categories.With the help of AI-ECG technology, users can perform free FREE AI analysis on an unlimited number of recorded heart events and ECG, and obtain comprehensive reports with 95.2% high accuracy standards within minutes. Reports can be saved as PDF files and sent to your healthcare provider, giving healthcare professionals a more complete understanding of your heart health so they can make a more precise diagnosis and develop a customized treatment plan.


Device Dimensions

100mm×23mm×8.3 mm

Device Weight

<18 g (including battery)

Local Storage (ECG)

10 sessions, 72 hours in total

Battery Run Time

168 hours (fully charged)

Type of Battery

Rechargeable polymer battery; 3.8V DC, 240mAh

ECG Recording Time

5 minutes to 24 hours /72 hours

Frequency Response

0.67 ~ 40 Hz

Gain Error

Maximum Error ±10%

Lead Type

Single Lead (The waveform is similar to Lead Ⅱ ECG)