LeRes-A CPAP Machine

LeRes-A (CPAP/APAP series)

LeRes-A (CPAP/APAP series) CPAP Machine with all-around ergonomic design, which brings high-quality sleep and is more comfortable to use.

Carefully Designed for Comfort

World-class auto-adjusting LeRes-Control algorithm strikes the balance between comfort and effectiveness.

With a comprehensive range of options, feel the comfort with every breath. 

3D Stereo Noise Reduction

The design of high performance turbine fan combined with the hydrodynamic airway effectively increases flow and reduces resistance, resulting in an ambient noise level of less than 27db(A), allowing users to sleep more peacefully in the low-noise environment.

3D Stereo Noise Reduction

Ramp delay boost technology

Allows users to gradually acclimate to the pressurized air inside the ventilator as they try to fall asleep. By gradually increasing the therapeutic pressure, the ramp allows the user to fall asleep comfortably while providing effective treatment for sleep apnea.

Ramp delay boost technology

Dynamic Humidity Compensation

5 levels of intelligent humidification which sense the ambient humidity and reduce condensation to reduce inspiratory discomfort and provide a continuous moist and warm airflow, thus improving compliance with treatment.

Dynamic Humidity Compensation

Precise Identification of Respiratory Events

Equipped with LeRes-Control algorithm control technology, LeRes-A can comprehensively identify respiratory events such as apnea-hypopnea (AH), open airway apnea (CA), obstructive apnea (OA), periodic breathing (PB). In particular, it can accurately identify the apnea caused by the central nervous system, and automatically adjust the pressure to deal with respiratory events. Combined with highly intelligent air leakage compensation technology, it can automatically perform pressure compensation to ensure the accuracy of event identification.

cpap machine identification of respiratory events

Let the Breath Touch New Heights

The built-in barometer can automatically calculate the altitude and intelligently adjusts the pressure according to the monitored atmospheric pressure, to ensure the accuracy of the patient’s air delivery, and ultimately ensure the accuracy and safety of monitoring even in high altitude areas. LeRes-A (CPAP/APAP series) is able to quickly captures every subtle respiratory change and dynamically adjusts the optimal therapeutic pressure to easily respond to sleep events and improve patient comfort and compliance.

ventilator pressure altitude compensation

Comprehensive Design for Better Experience

Featuring 3.5 full touch colour display, its operating menu is simple and intuitive, with information on treatments, settings and reports. The design of integrated water with a 360° anti-dumping can effectively prevent water from entering the machine motor and ensures safe use. The blue-green water level suspension ball is built into the humidifier, making it easy to observe the water level for timely refilling. The pre-heating function can preheats the water in advance, so users can start up and enjoy comfortable humidity.

better experience with APAP machine


Device Dimensions


Device Weight


Pressure Range



3.5″ LCD Touch Screen 

Data Storage

SD Card (8GB)

NIV Therapy Modes

APAP Mode, CPAP Mode

Pressure Range


Working Noise

≤30 dB (A)

Ramp Settings

Ramp Time: 0-60 minutes

Auto Ramp Option: Yes

Pressure Increment Unit: 0.5 cmH2O

Major Monitored Parameters

AHI (Apnea–Hypopnea Index)
OAI (Obstructive Apnea Index)
CAI (Central Apnea Index)
HI (Hypopnea Index)
SNI (Snore Index)
FL (Flow Limitation)
RERA (Respiratory Effort Related Arousal)
PB (Periodic Breathing)
Air Pressure
Air Leak


Integrated Heated Humidifier
Preheat Option: Yes
Humidity Level: 0-5, Auto, OFF

Type Of Mask

Nasal Mask (Optional)