12-Lead Pocket ECG Monitor


PCECG-500 supports synchronous 12-lead ECG acquisition & interpretation, display of 6-lead/12-lead ECG waveforms, also integrated Glasgow ECG Interpretation, which is designed for all kinds of medical services.

Support Auto Mode and R-R Mode

Users can set the pre-sampling, real-time sampling, periodic sampling, triggered sampling and automatic RR analysis modes on the main screen of the device. When the sampling mode is set to [R-R], waveform acquisition and data analysis can be performed for up to 180s. The time constant of PCECG-500 is greater than 3.2s, and the signal fidelity is strong; the common mode rejection ratio is greater than 100dB, which conforms to international standards, and the polarization withstand voltage is greater than 500mv.Support base drift filter, EMG filter, AC filter and low-pass filter.

Glasgow ECG Interpretation Algorithm

PCECG-500 12-Lead Pocket ECG Monitor accurately captures data on every arrhythmia episode and excursion and feeds the statistics into the Glasgow ECG algorithm for comprehensive statistical analysis. Complex ventricular and supraventricular arrhythmias can be detected, including ventricular tachycardia (VT), supraventricular tachycardia (SVT), acute myocardial infarction, acute myocardial ischemia, ventricular fibrillation, ventricular tachycardia, malignant arrhythmia and other symptoms.

Glasgow ECG Interpretation Algorithm of 12-Lead Pocket ECG Monitor

Professor Peter McFurlane, leader of the team behind the invention of Glasgow Algorithm explaining how it works

Comprehensive Analytic Resolution for Physicians

PCECG-500 supports Wi-Fi transmission, which is convenient for physicians to better guide decisions about medication and other interventions. PCECG-500’s real-time ECG reports include diagnosis of arrhythmias combined with quantitative analysis of fully disclosed ECG signals, and provide easy-to-read graphs, charts, summaries, and complete data sets. These include ECG waveforms, measurement parameters, RR interval histograms, RR interval difference histograms, frequency domain plots, diagnostic summaries, and more. In addition, PCECG-500 has its own diagnostic template, and doctors can quickly select the required diagnostic results by entering keywords.

PCECG-500 supports Wi-Fi transmission


Device Dimensions


Device Weight

62g (main unit with battery)


24 hours, Equipped with SD Card

Time Constant


Frequency Response

0.05Hz~150Hz, 10Hz

A/D conversion

24 bits

Sampling rate

2000 samples / sec

Input impedance

≥50MΩ (10Hz)

Lowpass filter

75Hz, 100Hz, 150Hz, Off

ADS filter

0.05Hz, 0.32Hz, 0.67Hz

EMG filter

25Hz, 35Hz, 45Hz, Off

AC filter

50Hz, 60Hz, Off