Shaping the Future of the Healthy World

In 1888, with the rise of the Westernization Movement, Western technology continued to flow in, followed by a large number of sophisticated equipment. The first to be influenced by Western culture was traditional Chinese medicine.

Western precision medical instruments do not require the assistance of professionals, and they can give results more quickly when getting started, which greatly improves the efficiency of diagnosis and treatment.

In this irreversible historical torrent, Sai Xin zhou’s great-grandfather was influenced by the spread of Western medicine, and came into contact with advanced medical equipment such as microscopes and surgical instruments, and gradually realized that fast and accurate equipment diagnosis can save more patients’ lives within the “golden time”, and popularize more modern diagnosis and treatment methods and medical equipment to more colleagues and patients with their own personal experience.

Zhou’s grandfather was nurtured by his father’s strong medical knowledge since he was a child. When he grew up, he became an accompanying doctor in their town.He always carried a medicine box and bravely went from house to house in time when malaria was prevalent, and insisted on spreading medical knowledge to people who lacked health protection knowledge.

His medicine cabinet was always equipped with three pieces of equipment: stethoscope, blood pressure monitor and thermometer all the year round. Relying on these three basic equipment, the “seeing, hearing, asking, and cutting” diagnosis and treatment method has been brought into full play, which has greatly shortened the diagnosis time and provided the most suitable medical services. It reduces the mortality rate caused by common diseases such as headache, brain fever, heat stroke, and bronchitis.

When Zhou was a child, he often accompanied his grandfather to the clinic. As time went on, there were more and more equipment in the medicine box, each time he clumsily carried the medicine box but was always gently stopped by his grandfather. “When you grow up and concentrate all these functions on one device, my box would be very light.” Grandpa always said this. A secretly made up his mind, hoping that he could grow up sooner and help grandpa share some work. Unexpectedly, this commitment affected Zhou’s life.

Viatom Founded

In 2013, Sai Xin Zhou founded Viatom. His identity also slowly changed from a researcher to an entrepreneur. The promise he made to his grandfather and the desire to change the industry were the driving force behind him when he faced the brutal competitive environment in the early years of his business. In the early days of Viatom’s establishment, Zhou disclosed his technology and deepened the industry awareness through his own sharing, in order to attract more people to enter the wearable medical field and continue to expand the scale of the industry.

Checkme Pro Borned

In 2014, Zhou and his R&D team successfully changed the traditional bulky multi-parameter monitoring device into a small, lightweight and portable all-in-one monitor – Checkme Pro, which integrates functions such as temperature, blood oxygen, and ECG monitoring.This vital sings monitor achieves a small size and low power consumption while maintaining high performance, fulfilling the promise to grandpa.

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