Smart Ring Pulse Oximeter


Using Viatom Smart Ring Pulse Oximeter—— O2Ring is a quick and precise way to check pulse rate and blood oxygen saturation levels, which can be used to manage sleep and breathing.

Superior Sensitivity and Comfortable Wearing Experience

O2Ring Smart Ring Pulse Oximeter adopts highly integrated chips that combines anti-interference filtering technology, using the fluoroscopic optical volume description method to collect uninterrupted and accurate medical-grade data.

The ring part of O2Ring is made of silicone material, which is soft, firm and hypoallergenic. To free fingers from the common restraint clips of traditional fingertip clips, allowing users to sleep easily while monitoring overnight.

O2Ring Wearable Oxygen Monitor

Medical-Grade Sleep Apnea Monitoring​

Viatom Smart Ring Pulse Oximeter is designed to track the overnight SpO2, heart rate and PI precisely. The built-in alarm function makes O2ring the ideal to improve respiratory. A slight vibration will remind the user to change sleep position without waking up when Spo2 or heart rate reaches the set thresholds.

Reveals Health Insights​

After the real-time data transfer into Vihealth, the high-resolution trend graph will be generated every 4 seconds to ensure any healthcare action is timely. The detailed report can be exported in PNG (image) or CSV format which mainly includes the duration of Spo2 ≤ 90%, the specific curve of the oxygen drop exceeding 4%, etc. Each graph of the report can be zoomed for more details, such as the exact time the drop occurred. Viatom’s Blood Oxygen Report will help users identify current sleep disruptors.

oximeter with app

O2Ring——The World's First Ring Oximeter​

After a high-cost R&D investment, Viatom has made a huge breakthrough in extending the monitoring time, improving wearing comfort, and accuracy, etc.

O2Ring now is one of the leading products in the upgrading of the blood oxygen field. Viatom smart ring pulse oximeter can be applyed to various scenarios such as hospitals, experiments, and home use, which has broad market prospects.

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Device Dimensions

38mm x 30mm x 38mm

Device Weight


Battery Type

Rechargeable Lithium barrery Use Time 12-16 Hours

Built-in Memory

4 Sections, Up to 10 hours Each Section

Recorded Parameters

Oxygen Levels, Pulse Rate, Motion

Display Interval In APP Data Chart


Vibration Source

Low Oxygen Level, High/Low Pulse Rate

Pulse Rate Accuracy

80-99%: ±2%, 70-79%: ±3%

Blood Oxygen Level Range


Pulse Rate Range

30 to 250 bpm

Pulse Rate Accuracy

±2 bpm or ±2%

Wireless Connection

Bluetooth 4.0 BLE


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