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The advancement of smart health sensors and artificial intelligence algorithms has made the application of wearable medical devices no longer limited to families or individuals. Seamless data connection inside and outside the hospital and uninterrupted monitoring are the main trends in the current medical and health market. At the same time, the entry threshold for core device suppliers is also increasing.

Today’s medical manufacturers and suppliers need to be able to provide sensors with high performance, low power consumption, high integration, and small size. The supplier also needs to be able to provide complete medical-level system solutions and timely professional technical services. The telemedicine solutions provided by Viatom have been recognized by many large medical companies, and we can bring key value to customers in both products and technical services.


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Viatom has been deeply involved in the development of life-sign monitoring sensors for more than ten years and has been leading the industry in various high-precision sensors such as optoelectronics, physiological potential, bioimpedance, motion, and body temperature, as well as high-performance signal processing front-end and integrated modules. Therefore, we can provide reliable medical solutions for vital signal monitoring and wearable medical. 

Viatom’s technology runs through the entire medical process from prevention, diagnosis, treatment to disease management. Viatom’s products, such as multi-parameter monitors, ECG equipment, blood pressure equipment, blood oxygen equipment, ultrasound equipment, etc., cover timely diagnosis, home care, in-hospital Monitoring, long-term care and many other scenarios, it is the first choice of many large medical companies, testing companies and hospitals.

About Innovation

Our Path to Sustainable Healthcare

Over the years, Viatom has continued to innovate in terms of structure, circuit design, and algorithm software through continuous in-depth technical development, and has already provided sensors, analog front ends, sensing modules, built-in PD/ADC/processing circuits and other supply capabilities.

We hope to help customers improve the comprehensive value of their business through customized solutions. Viatom can not only provide products with excellent performance and accuracy, but also provide complete system-level solutions with timely professional technical services solve key problems for customers.


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Pioneering Technology for Better Health

Viatom understands that wearable medical monitoring IoT means innovative industrial design and more advanced detection technology, and algorithms are the key to data analysis. In order to improve the reliability and accuracy of the algorithm, we cooperate with more than 1,000 hospitals to conduct experimental tests, and use the collected real data to promote the algorithm update. With the steady development of the company and the addition of Lepu Group, Viatom has also begun to continuously expand into new fields and technologies, such as Holter, ECG analysis and diagnosis, ventilator technology, AED defibrillation technology, etc. With the support of mature network technology and cloud services, Viatom products can be easily added to the mobile medical system.

Viatom believes that technology is the core key to lead the biotechnology revolution, the growth point of the future economy, and the breakthrough of future medicine. From the beginning of health management, to disease inspection and intervention, and later health tracking, Viatom’s remote and digital technologies are spreading throughout the entire process of health management.

About Quality

We Redefine What’s Possible in Healthcare Technology


Viatom also has strong supply chain management capabilities. During the Covid-19 period, Viatom has cooperated with customers for many times in capacity allocation, without delaying any delivery deadlines, and met the needs of every customer with sufficient experience and production capacity.

Viatom always insists that the product quality be strictly controlled from the source, to ensure that all products delivered to customers are high-quality, zero-defect products.


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World-leading Design & Quality

As a subsidiary of lepu Group, Viatom has production bases in Shenzhen and Zhongshan, with fully automatic production and monitoring equipment, and relies on special inspection functions such as SQE, POC, FQC, and OQC to achieve highly reliable full-process operations. Viatom’s products have passed ISO13485:2016 certification, QSR820 US medical device quality system inspection, GMP China regulations for food, drug, medical product production and quality management, and are subject to MDSAP certification inspections.

At present, Viatom has formed a stable layout of core products, including smart wearable oximeter, dynamic wearable ECG recorder, smart digital sphygmomanometer, multi-parameter physiological checker, smart full body compositions scale and analyzer, and wireless portable digital ultrasound, etc.
Relying on unique advantages such as excellent product innovation and R&D capabilities, product quality and application technology in the field of intelligent medical and health care, Viatom has established stable cooperative relations with much world-renowned health IoT and remote health management industry giants, and continues to expand their related subdivisions business.