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Like any kind of internal medicine disease, sleep breathing medicine is also developing towards precise diagnosis and treatment. At present, detailed consultation and initial screening in the comfort of home are sufficient to make a diagnosis and treatment plan for most patients with typical sleep-disordered breathing. In addition, the continuous development of telemedicine provides a more convenient way for home sleep apnea testing (HSAT).

o2ring - sleep monitoring device

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SpO2 is the main parameter of the respiratory cycle. After the upper airway is blocked, the normal O2 and CO2 exchange behavior of the lungs will be suspended, resulting in insufficient breathing. The number per hour that airflow disappears for more than 10s or airflow decreases by 30% for more than 10s is the golden standard for grading the severity of sleep apnea. As the research on sleep-disordered complications continues to deepen, improving the comfort and availability of screening and monitoring modalities is the important way to expand the diagnostic scope of sleep-apnea.

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The whole night’s sleep quality and events can be calculated by the changes in pulse oxygen saturation, including pulse rate, blood oxygen saturation, oxygen drop number and index, blood oxygen decreased duration, etc. Our solution is designed to make physicians identify sleep apnea disease more clearly, for further evaluation and long-term management. 


complete sleep structure

More complete monitoring cycle/complete sleep structure

It can avoid the lead detachment, unstable signal, and power failure of the device caused by turning over and moving during sleep, reduce the risk of data loss and improve the success rate of monitoring.

A friendlier screening experience

A friendlier screening experience

With the increase of clinical empirical data on HSAT in OSA diagnosis and disease management, HSAT has been included in the medical insurance payment system for OSA diagnosis of adults in the United States,which has played a positive role in promoting the clinical diagnosis and treatment of sleep-disordered breathing.

More convenient management

More convenient management

The changes of blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate are remotely and dynamically monitored through wireless network technology, and the diagnostic data collected at home are automatically saved and transmitted remotely transmitted to the remote transmission monitoring terminal, making management easier.

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overnight SpO2 monitoring function
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