Wearable medical devices support entrepreneurs to reach sustainable high performance

The middle-aged software entrepreneur and centimillionaire Bryan Johnson embarked on a mission to reverse aging effects, or in the words of the medical team comprised of 30 doctors and health experts, “reboot his body”. Through Project Blueprint, he follows a specific sleep and eating pattern in combination with an intensive workout and meticulously designed eating patterns. After completing the project in 18 months, he has shown remarkable achievements, such as:

-Decelerate aging by equivalent 31 years

-Age slower than the average 10 years old

-Ideal muscle & fat (MRI)

-31 year age reversal in grey hair age (80% reduction in grey hair)

Bryan Johnson

What is a project blueprint?

Project Blueprint successfully rejuvenated Brian, which is inseparable from the scientific and rigorous nature of the plan.

During the planning period, Johnson insisted on getting up at 5 o’clock and going to bed at 8:30 o’clock to ensure that he had more than 8 and a half hours of high-quality sleep. In terms of diet, the daily calorie intake is maintained at 1977 kcal, and only healthy foods such as broccoli, garlic, olive oil, and dark chocolate are eaten. At the same time, he has to do high-intensity training three times a week to ensure that his body fat rate is controlled between 5% and 6%.

In addition to strictly implementing the plan, the long-term real-time monitoring of vital signs through wearable medical devices is the most important part of the plan. His health team needs to dynamically adjust the plan based on the data and information collected by wearable devices, such as the ratio of nutritious meals, the intensity of training, and the type and dosage of supplements. In order to ensure the correctness and reliability of the fine-tuning of the plan, Johnson constantly monitors his vital signs and biochemical indicators, and performs dozens of medical-related procedures every month, including blood tests and colonoscopies and other indicators.

Among them, typical physiological indicators such as HR, HRV, SpO2, blood pressure, blood sugar, etc. are the focus of the team’s monitoring. Brian also uses the wearable ring oximeter O2ring for sleep monitoring. Sleep monitoring is very important for health plans, which is highly related to high blood pressure, diabetes, arrhythmia, and mental illness. Through convenient wearable medical devices, the health team can quickly obtain real-time data and long-term trend reports, receive more reliable data support.

The long-term remote data capture has made a clearer scenario distinction for the Project Blueprint, helping Brian and his team to output a personalized health plan. The data collected no matter habitual behavior or nervous behavior can be extended and analyzed more deeply, which is undoubtedly more meaningful for the research of medical equality.

Using Periodisation to Optimise Performance

After Blueprint, Bryan said: “Now, I feel happier, more alive and fulfilled than any time before. I am nicer to those around me, no longer irritable and my mind is clear.”

There is no doubt that good physical condition can lead to better work performance. Being able to maintain high performance under increasing pressure and rapid changes has become a new goal that entrepreneurs or top managers are pursuing.

But in actuality, long and busy business trips, countless subordinates looking for support and consultation, and batches of customers that need to be received are the daily work of most leaders. They often eat a high-sugar or high-fat diet to prevent sleepiness and hunger. At the same time, they pursue a straight and upward working state at work, have too high demands on themselves psychologically and spiritually, and ignore their physical needs.

This is very similar to what athletes face during a competition. Fortunately, coaches and sports science experts have conducted professional research and experiments on this situation long ago. They did not blindly emphasize adjusting emotional fluctuations and mobilizing missions sense or values, but paid more attention to the importance of physical fitness, let’s see how they do it.

World-class athletes will follow the training model of the effectiveness pyramid when training, which is a basic model consisting of four levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Each level will have a profound impact on other levels, and any problem in any level will affect the final output.

In training, how to exert strength and how to increase speed is no longer the main training topic for athletes. Training is more focused on how to help athletes give full play to their skills, stabilize their endurance, explosive power, flexibility and self-control, and maintain high performance for a period of time, which is called Ideal Performance State (IPS).

 Ideal Performance State (IPS).

Sports science has conducted extensive research experiments on this, proving that the ability to mobilize energy on demand is the basis of the IPS. In sports competitions, stress is not the decisive factor affecting IPS, and the lack of regular and stable stress stimulation and recovery cycle is the main factor affecting output. Namely creating a balanced rest and work ratio.

For example, muscles form because damaged muscle fibers increase in thickness and number as they are repaired or replaced, but continued stress on the muscles can only lead to muscle strain or worse. Likewise, if you don’t put any stress on your muscles, you’ll just cause muscle weakness or atrophy. Therefore, if you want to be in a good state, you must combine stress and relaxation, and form a cycle that matches your own healthy habits.

Physical fitness is the lowest basic structure, the physiological basis that supports all actions and recovery. Despite the popular belief that work tasks can be accomplished even if you smoke, drink, eat junk food, are overweight, etc., the reality is that negative life behaviors constantly deplete underlying physical energy, making it impossible to reach your full potential, and it is impossible to contribute value to self, family or company.

Managing Stress with Wearable Technology

Just as Bryan put it in his article Sleep is the New Coffee [1]: “Sleep health is perhaps the most important health/wellness practice, I’ve been working on achieving consistent, high-quality sleep for years.”

Bryan used O2ring to track his health, and his team according to the sleep stages, heart rate, and body temperature to improve the next steps. O2ring as a professional wearable medical device has already helped thousands of people to get rid of sleep apnea to bring more deep sleep. Viatom is always here to help make better health decision.

After understanding the relationship between physical fitness and high performance, it is the primary content to clearly energy cycle and physical limit. The real-time, long-term and accurate monitoring features of wearable devices are perfectly meeting this demand.

More and more company clubs are beginning to advocate the use of wearable devices and provide employees with similar performance programs. Many managers said: We are beginning to care about whether employees get health, exercise and good working conditions, not just performance Or honor. Wearables like these give them a clear picture of their stress levels and mood swings, which makes our team more productive and cohesive.

Start with Sleep Management

Knowing your cycle and raising your stress threshold sounds like long-term health capital-building behaviors, but we can start with sleep management. Sleep management is a great starting point to quickly spot issues and easily fix them with important short-term goals.

sleep monitor

Viatom’s wearable medical management solution will not have too much impact on daily life. For example, in sleep management, only a small device such as O2ring is needed to complete remote, long-term real-time blood oxygen monitoring. Although it’s a small change, it can help build strong and effective physical and mental health habits that will help people lead better and sustainably at work.

Viatom Solutions

Viatom is a leading provider of wearable medical devices that are designed to deliver comprehensive and effective health management solutions. Our range of wearable oximeters, including ring, fingertip, and wrist oximeters, are equipped with cutting-edge technology and have undergone extensive clinical trials to ensure their efficacy and reliability. Our devices allow individuals to monitor and manage their health remotely, with a focus on sleep management.

The O2ring wearable oximeter is a prime example of our commitment to delivering innovative and effective health solutions. This device provides real-time access to remote oxygen data, enabling users to stay informed about their health status and make informed decisions about their well-being. The integration of the Remote Linker further enhances the user experience by offering seamless and secure data transfer.

Its features include:

  • Comfortable on the body
  • Easy tracking and recording of oxygen levels and heart rates
  • Smart alert for low heart rate and oxygen in the blood
  • Strong built-in rechargeable battery for overnight usage.
  • Easy app sync for data sharing
  • Remote monitoring

At Viatom, we are dedicated to revolutionizing the healthcare industry by providing patients with accessible, convenient, and effective health management solutions. Our wearable medical devices represent a new era of healthcare, empowering individuals to take control of their health and well-being.

Viatom provides these solutions for loud snorers, sleep apnea sufferers, asthma patients, COPD, pneumonia, and pilots. All these are conditions that affect breathing in people. They can be managed more easily using the wearable oximeter.

With Viatom’s durability, quality, and effectiveness combined, these solutions stand out from others for good reasons.


Viatom is one of the world’s most trusted and reliable tech companies specializing in R & D and the production of home healthcare devices, focusing on customer satisfaction. With our long history of offering reliable solutions like the wearable oximeter to monitor people’s health, we are committed to health management and improvement.

Don’t hesitate to reach out should you want to know more about Viatom, the O2ring oximeter, and other products.


[1]Sleep is the new coffee, Bryan Johnson, Future Literacy, Bryan Johnson

Published in Future Literacy, Dec 7, 2018

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