Dynamic ECG Holter Monitor

Lepod Pro

As a compact and portable ECG holter monitor, Lepod Pro is designed to improve the volume and speed of cardiac event management by optimizing the timeliness of data transfer and flexibility of communication between healthcare providers and users.

Tailored ECG Monitoring Solutions in Flexible Lead Options

Lepod Pro provides professionals with multiple ECG monitoring options of the 1/7/8/12 Leads, which efficiently improves the ability of multi-label cardiovascular events monitoring, for more personalized cardiovascular disorders management.

To overcome signal-to-noise limitations, Viatom Lepod Pro dynamic cardiac monitor uses advanced algorithms to achieve powerful real time ECG signal capturing and filtering capabilities, making the Lepod Pro compact, simple but exceptionally accurate.


12 lead ECG Placement

Next-level Cardic Monitoring with Seamless Data Transmission

The portable and unique necklace-style design seamlessly fits within the patient’s lifestyle, which allows for 48/72H high-quality continuous and uninterrupted ECG recordings.

By double click the key button, users can mark special events when the symptom arises. It will be displayed on the ECG report to remind healthcare providers to pay close attention to the special period, which highly improves the adherence of users for better physician-patient communication.

check ECG on phone

ECG Diagnosis Acceleration for Larger Patient Group

Users can view the ECG wave in real time after connecting with the ViHealth App via Bluetooth once.

Just by selecting the clip and uploading it, the detailed ECG report and AI diagnosis results will be sent instantly, which also supports to be shared with physicians to more quickly and effectively diagnose problems such as cardiac arrhythmias. Moreover, the appropriate medical intervention in more serious downstream medical events such as stroke will be more prompt.

share ecg report with doctor

Building ECG Future with Artificial Intelligence​

Viatom redefines the way cardiac arrhythmias is clinically diagnosed by combining the data collected by Lepod Pro with the AI-ECG analysis system.

We also support the connection of healthcare platforms by providing detailed documents, allowing for creating accurate customized reports and store them in the RPM program or your preferred ECG, CVIS, PACS, or EMR system.

execution of ECG with reports in telemedicine

Clinically Accurate Cardiac Analysis Powerd by AI-ECG

AI-ECG can identify 16 categories of arrhythmia,which has a high accuracy standard of 95.2%.AI-ECG gives clinicians the assurance of expert-level accuracy in arrhythmia detection,helping healthcare professionals obtain a clear diagnosis, boosting clinical efficiency and letting clinicians focus on patient care, thus accelerating patient treatment.


Device Dimensions

48.2mm*48.2mm*15.2 mm

Device Weight

<1.76 Oz (With Battery)

Device Display

0.96″ OLED screen

Local Storage (ECG)

10 ECG/EKG recordss, up to 24 hours in total. 

Waterproof Degree


Battery Run Time

72 Hours (Fully Charged)

Type of Battery

Rechargeable Lithium Polymer Battery

Heart Rate Measuring Range

30 ~ 250BPM


0.05 ~ 40 Hz

Gain Error

Maximum Error ±10%

Common Mode Rejection


Lead Type


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