Wearable pulse oximeters in the prompt dWearable pulse oximeters in the prompt detection of hypoxaemia etection of hypoxaemia

Oxford University Study Confirms: Viatom’s Checkme O2+ is a Reliable Device for Detecting Hypoxemia

To effectively evaluate the ability of wearable devices to monitor hypoxemia, the Oxford University research team used a variety of devices, including Viatom oximeters, to conduct studies on diagnostic accuracy. Research results show that Viatom wrist oximeters are highly accurate and reliable, and can effectively capture and record patients’ blood oxygen data, such as the duration of falls, the number of falls, etc.

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sleep monitor

Spo2 Monitoring Provides a New Direction for Seizure Tracking

In the era of digitally driven medical health, wearable devices have attracted more and more attention as a direct and effective bridge. At present, professional-level medical hardware all focuses on the two major areas of elderly health and chronic disease management. On this basis, Viatom has expanded into a new field-neurological disease monitoring and early warning.

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